Moody culture's Genesis

Meet John and Lisa.  After some national and international urban hotspot adventures, we experienced some fine kombucha and developed quite the craving.  Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, as we searched and searched the State College area,  the only products close to giving our tastebuds an exciting salsa dance were those mass produced brands.  Humbug!  

Should we try this on our own so that we could satiate this increasing appetite and enjoy quality kombucha on a regular basis?  Absolutely!  The first few batches were minor successes, but with a few fine adjustments and experimenting, we arrived at what we thought was truly distinctive kombucha.  But perhaps we were a bit biased...

Friends were our first willing subjects and we were a**-over-teacup THRILLED when they continued to ask for more!  We seemed to be on to something!  Soon, we were giving away nearly everything we made and had little left for ourselves; it was time to increase production and start thinking about a business.  

We are pleased to present Moody Culture Kombucha, a product of creativity, brainstorming, and passion.

Each and every batch is handmade from fresh fruits, herbs, and roots, then sprinkled with a healthy dose of vitality and love, and of course graced with a burst of exquisite flavor-- for you to join us in experiencing a phenomenal trip from start to finish.  

Why Moody Culture?

As mere human creators of this tempting, tasty beverage, we experience various emotions while batching our booch and the SCOBY's mood of course varies, as well— welcome to the world, Moody Culture!

The development of Moody Culture is an ongoing labor of love and we are overjoyed to be able to bring our creation to you.

Drink.  Get in the Mood. Repeat.