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Embrace your mood

happy. sad. whimsical. Content. anxious. in love. scared. elated

whatever your frame of mind, choose a flavor and imbibe 

You'll be glad you did


Our Culture

Who says MOODY has to be negative?  At Moody Culture we are typically in pretty fabulous states of mind, entirely caught up in loving life.  We embrace whatever mood finds us on our kombucha-brewin' days and you as the lucky consumer will feel it emminate in your fine effervescent beverage.  We are committed to producing high-quality kombucha by hand, and from that, we will not waiver.  That's a promise.  While each batch varies with the ever-changing and evolving universe, you can be sure that it was crafted meticulously.  Take a sip, embrace your mood and flip your perspective. . . we'd suggest sooner rather than later.


Our kombucha

Amazing teas AND fresh fruits AND spices!  Oh, my!  Hand-crafted in small batches, Moody Culture Kombucha uses only the finest ingredients to provide the freshest, most bursting-with-flavor explosion in your mouth that one can possibly bottle up in sixteen ounces!  This is most definitely your daytime champagne.  Seize your fabulously fermented flavor of the day, bubbling with probiotics, and you may just find yourself with a whole new outlook as that last sip fills your mind, body and spirit with something you hadn't even known existed.  Go ahead -- get in the mood.


our culture

crafted in small batches by chill people, friendly yeast, and beneficial bacteria, I am moody culture.  

i am a living, breathing, constantly evolving, mysterious work of art.  take me as I am today, for tomorrow will be an entirely different experience.


get in the mood.

cheers to unity.