Our moody culture kombucha

What is kombucha anyway?  Kombucha is fermented tea, which naturally contains probiotics and all kindsa good stuff for that beautiful body of yours!  It has been enjoyed around the world for thousands of years-- well before we were even apples (or surprises) in our parents' eyes!

The ingredients are simple:

water      tea      sugar     SCOBY

Healthy bacteria is good for our bodies,  right?  But what about that sugar?  Isn't sugar bad for us?  Well, it turns out that during fermentation the sexy SCOBY eats the sugar and turns it into a fantastic, tasty, slightly carbonated Moody Culture Kombucha! Pretty cool, right?  We get the good stuff while the SCOBY eats the not-so-good stuff before it even gets to us!  Ah, the wonders of Mother Nature.  

We use the highest-quality ingredients we can gather to make the absolute best kombucha you've ever tasted-- or so we've been told.   It is a fabulously fine and refreshing libation-- yet remains low in caffeine, sugar and calories.  It's kinda like magic. 

Get in the Mood.


our mission

Our mission is simple.  We wanted to have a blast creating a delectable product that is claimed to maintain wellness and promote health, while continuing to create and play in our kombuchery. get in the mood. Share the love. Repeat.

Whether you are into striking a pose, climbing Everest, performing your finest Beethoven, or bubbling your bath, Moody Culture Kombucha is your (wo)man.  Our goal is to steer clear of comfort and continue to shake things up, perfecting, and imbibing so that we may deliver the best-of-the-best quality and flavor directly to your tastebuds. every. single. time.

You may decide to choose a different flavor depending on your mood and hopefully the robust moods contained within the bottle will flow harmoniously with yours rather than spontaneously combust— you’re in charge of that one, so be prepared for the ride.


We use fresh, raw produce and strive for bursting flavor, digestive health and quality that leaves you begging for more.  So, get in the Mood.

People are talking . . . 

"Here's to the best alternative to sugary soda and tasteless tea: Moody Culture Kombucha.  Fizzy, tangy, refreshing, and deliciously simple.  Healthy and local.  What more could you ask for?  Yum!"

Linda B., State College, PA


"This was a refreshing drink to start my Sunday morning!  Excited to have this healthy, but delicious option on tap!"

Jessica L., State College, PA.


"I always feel so lucky when I can get Moody Culture-- by far, the best kombucha I've ever had!  Such a great benefit to my overall health!"

Andrew W., Lemont, PA.


"Moody Culture has WONDERFUL flavors, and is a well-crafted, superior quality kombucha!  MUST DRINK EVERY DAY!"

Elizabeth N., Pine Grove Mills, PA.