Always drink local!

Always drink local!



Lisa Harpster

Strong coffee, dark chocolate, and the creative process are a few of my favorite things. Add in a pinch of international travel, a dash of good workouts, and a spoonful of special times with the amazing people in my life, and you’ve got one happy camper (though admittedly, not at all a literal camper, but that’s another story)!

In the fall of 2017, my partner John & I launched Moody Culture Kombucha. A weird creator with a lifelong desire to play with odd ideas, I love design (especially design that involves repurposing) & craved the ability to create something with our Moody Culture byproducts. After dabbling with various mediums and chatting over kombucha cocktails with fine friends, I decided to try my hand at forming SCOBY masks!

From the very first face, I was hooked! Each and every piece takes on its own personality, provides a rich texture, and invites us to look closer— something I strive for on a daily basis. We miss so much when we don’t take the time to look closely and these faces beg us to peer in. Just like the ever-changing nature of kombucha, and similar to the constant evolving of humans, this artwork is not static. Colors may change & textures may transform— how wonderful that our time on earth allows us the opportunity to embrace change!

No matter your style, no matter your taste, there is a face for you. LOOK into their eyes, FEEL their MOOD, and choose what’s right for you and your amazing space. Each is one-of-a-kind, creative, and unique— just like you. Your mask may prefer some quality alone-time or may opt for partnership among complimentary friends; you’re in charge of their social encounters. Cheers and thank you for stopping by to explore!